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Certified Canine Behaviour Consulting Services for the Sunshine Coast, BC
Laura specializes in complex behaviour issues, problem prevention and raising a puppy using science, a holistic approach and compassion.

Check out our Reactive Dog Reset Program and One on One training services.


Or simply contact us with your behaviour and training inquiries!

Are you a current client looking for the reactive dog friendly Quest Dog Training Club meet up?
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55+ Behaviour Package

Designed to meet the needs of the community.

3 one on one sessions.

- Basic Package (60 minute initial virtual consult + in person follow up)

- 45 minute in person follow up


(regularly priced at $410+gst)

How it works:

Ready to start? Sign up for your Initial Virtual Consult or Email Laura to get started.

Ready to take your relationship with your dog to the next level? Ready to take puppy hood by storm, meet adolescence head on, or understand and help your dog through behaviour issues?

Let's start with a virtual session. $130+gst

This 60 minute session is dedicated to getting to know your history, your dog's behaviour, your lifestyle, goals and - of course - create an active management plan, enrichment schedule and set preliminary training homework.


Basic Package $150+gst

1x in person follow up after the initial virtual session

Full Package $470+gst

4x in person follow ups after the initial virtual session.

Reactive Dog Reset Program $830+gst

4x in person follow ups after the initial virtual session

7x training walks after the initial virtual session+initial in person follow up

Add ons:

Mini Package: 3x in person follow ups $345+gst

Day Training/Training Walks: 5x training walks $300+gst

Pay as you go one on one sessions virtual or in person $130-$150+gst each

Adventure Dog Training for mountain biking, trail running, hiking


Since 2015, Laura has been offering one on one training services to humans who want a better relationship with their dog. 


Our services address aggressive behaviours, reactivity, separation anxiety, general anxiety in the house and on walks, basic training as well as puppy and adolescent dog training.


But it all starts with you and your dog, your understanding of each other and your willingness to put in the time to grow and learn together.

At Quest Canine Support and Education, we aim to teach you how to understand and train your dog with humane, evidence-based training principles backed by up to date methods. We strive to be at the forefront of new information that will give you and your dog the quality of life you quest to achieve.


Sechelt, BC, Canada


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