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Laura really has a way with dogs! Her approach was fact-based and helped us re-focus on how imperative it is for dog owners to be aware of our environment and surroundings when with our dogs. We learned so much from our sessions with Laura, and look forward to training walks in the future. I’d highly recommend her if you’re looking to make your (and your dog’s) lives a bit easier! Thank you so much laura 😃 🐶

Jessica A.


Laura is the best! She’s helped us and our two Australian cattle dogs since they where puppies (5&6 now.) We’ve done both private & group sessions as well as adventure dog academy & single classes - all her services are really, really good value. She’s set us up for success by helping us build a strong foundation with our pups through positive reinforcement training.
Thanks Laura! :)

Kyla M.


Laura has been an amazing help in managing my reactive rescue GSD. She is incredibly knowledgeable, calm, and kind. She gave us so many helpful strategies and training tools to manage his anxiety and reactivity. Scoobs and I highly recommend Laura’s services, and wish her the best of luck on the Sunshine Coast.

Whitney L.


Nikii B.

Laura has transformed my dog Mia. She put so much work in and made it so I am able to walk my dog leash free with amazing recall which we never thought would be possible. She also worked on reactivity and helping me and my husband understand when and how she’s going to react.
Highly recommend her services to all dog owners who need a little help.

Heather K.

I can't recommend Laura enough! Winnie-pup and I recently did the 4 week Adventure Dog College classes after having done a private session with Laura, and they were PERFECT for both of us. I learned new ways to increase Winnie's off-leash reliability and give her things to do when she's tempted to react to something, Winnie got to eat ALL the yummy treats, and we both came away from classes feeling like we'd learned a ton and had fun together to boot. Looking forward to more classes with Laura in the future so we stay sharp!

Elysse P.

I came to Laura with my 3 years old rescue. He had a lot of anxiety, and had a hard time controlling his energy and stimulation on walks. He was also from time to time reactive on walks, out of fear and over excitement. With her training, counter conditioning and resources, we were able to see massive progress in Nash's confidence, but also in my confidence. We learned so much and I recommend her to anyone who wants general training, but especially for people who have reactive dogs. We're definitely going to continue working with her and attending her many classes - She's the absolute best! Also balance harnesses are the best!
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