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Testimonials from our Clients

Credentials don't speak for themselves...but clients do! Check out what our past and current clients have to say about their experiences with Quest Canine.

I’m a new client of Laura’s and have been attending her weekly Reactive Dog Training Group in Davis Bay for about 6 weeks. My recently adopted anxious rescue dog didn’t have a lot of positive socialization with dogs before coming to us and can be defensive and reactive towards large and high energy dogs. Laura is super knowledgeable, sharing positive reinforcement techniques grounded in science and has a wonderful calm energy that is great for both my dog and me. She’s given us the perfect environment to practice Behaviour Adjustment Training (BAT), helped improve my mechanics, timing, and engagement with my dog. The group is well structured and sets up all the dogs and guardians for success. I’ve noted a significant decrease in number, intensity, and duration of reactions towards other dogs since joining and look forward to continuing work with Laura.


I resonated with Laura from our first contact, she is canine knowledgeable with her quiet but clear demeanour. She took a full history of my puppy and gave me oral suggestions with follow up written training suggestions prior to our first in person meeting. I love her encouragement and positive training techniques for me and my puppy and he loves his contact with her. I highly recommend Laura for any behaviour training you might be looking for and for all ages of our beloved canines.


Laura provides a stellar service. Her one on one visit and recommendations have been effective and a great relief to both my husband and myself. We plan to book more sessions to really take our dog’s behaviour to a new level.


We are so thankful to have found Laura.She has given us hope, and taught us that living with a reactive dog can still be fun and rewarding!She is a knowledgeable, compassionate, and dedicated individual who puts everything into helping dogs and their people.Because of her, the bond with our dog that I thought was breaking has healed and continues to grow as we continue to use the tools that Laura has given us.If I could give more than 5 stars, I would.


Very knowledgeable and calm, really appreciated her feedback and experience while she was working with Rime and I. Very professional, would definitely recommend without hesitation.

Laura has provided consistent and insightful training for our fearful and leash reactive mastiff/bully mix. We have found her approach to training incredibly sophisticated and holistic. After a lot of trial and error on our own - we’re starting to feel optimistic and confident that P will have the capacity to have more positive experiences outside her comfort zones. We cannot recommend Quest Canine enough! Thank you, Laura!!

Laura is so patient and calm, we're still working daily to implement the tools Laura has given us and we see great results so far. I love the recap email Laura sends after each session, it's so helpful. Booking a session with her is so straight forward and well worth it!

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