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Group Classes

Ready for group learning opportunities? Kindergarten and High School are great opportunities to receive coaching and exercises in moderately challenging environments designed to set you and your dog up for SUCCESS!

All classes offered are for vaccinated dogs over 4 months of age. Classes are conducted in public spaces and dogs must be on leash at all times. Any equipment that is designed to cause pain such as prong, choke or shock collars are NOT permitted during class time.

Canine Kindergarten

For puppies 4-6 months of age (check with Laura before registering to make sure your young dog isn't too advanced for this class!).

This class goes over basic training, greetings, jumping, impulse control, leash walking and more.

Puppies MUST be up to date on their vaccinations to attend!

Time Investment: 45 minutes once per week for 5 weeks.

Cost: $130

Location: Whispering Firs Park, Gibsons

Time: Tuesday September 12 5:30pm - Tuesday October 10th 5:30pm


Canine High School

For dogs over 6 months of age. There is no age limit for attending this class.

This class goes over leash walking, impulse control, recall, manners, relaxation, tricks and more.

If your dog struggles in social environments or has a history of reactivity, please contact Laura to work together one on one before entering this more challenging environment.

Time Investment: 60 minutes once per week for 5 weeks

Cost: $150

Location: Whispering Firs Park, Gibsons

Time: Tuesday September 12 6:45pm - Tuesday October 10th 6:45pm


Semi-Private Tutoring

Do you and a friend want to work together on similar topics?

Book Laura for a semi-private lesson for up to 4 students.


- Leash Walking

- Basic training skills

- Tricks

- Recall

- Relaxation on Cue

Time investment: minimum 1x 60 minute session. Book up to 5 weekly sessions.

Cost: $150/session

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