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How can we help you?

Private Training

1. Start with Virtual Training: Initial Video Consult:

What happens during the Initial Video Consult? We go over extensive behaviour history, lifestyle, goal setting, active management concepts and preliminary training homework.

2. Book at One on One Session: Regular Follow Up for 1-2 weeks after

What happens during the in person follow up? We meet at a location that makes sense to meet your goals and apply the training homework from our zoom session, and add new exercises and training concepts to hel pyou meet your goals.

3. Book a Zoom Follow Up, Mini Zoom Consult, Regular Follow Up or Mini Follow Up when you need a check in

4. Book a package by contacting Laura via email:

What happens in the package? We start with a zoom consult, and then do the 1 hour follow up. Over the next 5-6 months we meet for continued coaching and training sessions in locations that make sense to help you meet your goals.

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